Monday, February 22, 2010

Battleship Mutsu

Main gun barrel is being exhibited in the Kure maritime museum.


(Steel plate of disassembled Mutsu)
Steel produced now contains the radioactive material(ingredient). This ingredient is mixed in a manufacture process. However, steel of Mutsu manufactured by before war days does not have mixing of a radioactive material in the process of manufacture. And, Mutsu was located to a long period seabed. For this reason, Mutsu does not have influence of the radioactivity by a nuclear testing. For this reason, steel of Mutsu is a precious material at the radiation measurement equipment with which mixing of a radioactive material is not desired.(Age determination by carbon 14). The age determination by carbon 14 needs the enclosure which intercepts radiation. For the reason for the above, steel of disassembled Mutsu was distributed to the research institute, that is, a university.

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